The museum is a fomer private residence built in 1606 and renovated in 1627 when an extra floor and a new façade were added. Museum Rembrandt House is located in the center of Amsterdam, close to the 'Waterlooplein' (Waterloo Square).

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn bought the house in 1639 for 13,000 Guilders. After he was declared bankrupt the house was auctioned and sold for 11,000 Guilders in 1658.

After Rembrandt left the house was in use as a private residence for centuries and underwent several renovations.

In 1907 the city of Amsterdam bought the building and donated it to the Rembrandt House Foundation the same year. A restauration was done between 1907 and 1911 and transformed into a museum.

The museum opened to the public on June 10, 1911. Rembrandt's quarters and atelier are reconstructed. The rebuilding of his living space offers visitors the opportunity to travel in time and imagine what life looked like in the 17th Century and to see how the painter worked and lived.
In the adjacent building of the museum a large collection of Rembrandt's drawings and 250 etchings are housed.

The museum has 50 paintings of Rembrandt's students. In his bedroom the painting "Old Man with Turban" (1627 or 1628) is on display. It is the
only painting in the museum that was made by Rembrandt himself.
Old Man with Turban (Around 1627)
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