The 19 mills of Kinderdijk (-Elshout), built around the 1740's to keep the land dry, are amongst the most impressive landmarks of Holland.

Since 1997, this largest collection of mills in Holland are registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Two of the mills may be visited. One of these mills, '
Museummolen Nederwaard', is still in its original state and even the interior is just like it was when the last owner left it.

If there is enough wind, the miller will make the wings spin. Join the workshop and learn how the mill works.
The original name of the village is 'Elshout' but the name changed to 'Kinderdijk', which means 'Children's Dike'. There is some confusion about the origin of the new name and there are some explanations...

The most romantic and well-known legend is that of the 'C
at and the Cradle'. After a massive flood in 1421 the villagers checked out the damage the storm had caused, when all of a sudden a bystander saw a cradle floating. He also noticed that the cradle was moving. As he came closer, he noticed a cat was rocking the cradle by jumping from one side to another. As he took the cradle out of the water he discovered a sleeping baby, saved from drowning by the cat...

Another story tells the tale of '
Jan', an inhabitant of Elshout, who was blessed with many children...

One theory says the dike upon which the mills were built was smaller than the surrounding dikes, like a child to an adult...

The most dramatic story is that the dike was built using child labour...
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