In 1953, a major disaster occured in Holland. A high tide combined with a heavy North Sea storm destroyed dikes and other water defenses flooding lands in the provinces Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant and some parts of Belgium, Germany, Denmark and France. In Holland, more than 1,800 people lost their lives and thousands of farm animals perished.

The damage to the dikes was enormous; more than 800 kilometers of dikes were damaged. Thousands of farm houses were destroyed. Farm lands were useless because of the salt.
To prevent these kind of calamaties ever to happen again, the Dutch government had to come up with a plan. And they did; The 'Delta Works'.

The construction of the most prestigious waterworks ever to be built in Holland started just one year after the flood, in 1954. But not only sea barriers were built. Further inland, bridges and dams were also part of the project. The massive effort officially came to an end in 1997.

The Delta Works are basically a series of water defenses consisting of 6 dams, 4 flood barriers or sea surge barriers and 3 sluices.
Flooded streets in the town of Terneuzen, Zeeland
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The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) recognized the Delta Works, along with six other great engineering works, as one of the 'Wonders of the Modern World'.