Brielle (or 'Den Briel') is a pictoresque fortified town in the province 'Zuid-Holland', situated on a former island called 'Voorne-Putten'. The town is located at lake 'Brielse Meer', that over the years developed into an important recreation area.
Brielle is best known for its role in the war with Spain. On April 1st, 1572 the town was sacked by a militia of 600 pirates, the 'Watergeuzen', which event started the revolt against the Spanish occupation of Holland.

The town celebrates the revolt every year. Villagers dress up like beggars, street musicians, soldiers, monks and more. During this day of celebration lots of acting is performed in the streets in historic costumes amongst which is the arrival of the 'Watergeuzen' defeating the Spanish soldiers.

Restaurants in Brielle serve traditional Spanish and Dutch meals to commemorate this turning point in Dutch history. Activities, shows and reenacting the happenings start in the morning till late in the evening.

Brielle is officially a city with old city walls. These walls, designated as works of defense against enemies still exist.

The fortification belt of Brielle consists of 9 bastions and 5 ravelins which underwent restorations between 1972 and 1975.

As the fortifications haven´t been changed since the beginning of the 18th Century, Brielle has the oldest and most important works of defense of the Netherlands.
Where is Brielle ?
Watergeuzen take Den Briel (by J. Keller) 1759 (Historisch Museum in Brielle)
City walls
Brielle's entrance and a part of the fortified belt.